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We match all competition prices less 5% (depending on availability). See details in store.

Free storage

Benefit from a free storage service when purchasing flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

How to choose the right flooring


Which species?

Shape your environment into your dream flooring design! To do so, learn all about the different wood species and their natural aesthetic properties. Explore them!

How to choose the right flooring

Which grade?

Would you like your hardwood floor with many or few knots? The grade you select will influence not only their presence, but also your flooring design. Which one is yours?

How to choose the right flooring

How wide?

The wider the floor planks, the larger the space will seem! If that’s what you’re looking for, Planchers Économiques offers four different inches in width: 2¼, 3¼, 4¼ and 5¼.

How to choose the right flooring

Which colour?

Is your furniture brown or creamy? And your walls, grey or some other colour? Count on Planchers Économiques to help you find the colour that suits your decor! Check out our over

How to choose the right flooring
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