Ash — Millrun

A straight and coarse grain, porous areas and a natural pattern make the ash flooring truly unique. Known to be highly shock resistant, ash is perfect for people with active lifestyles. If you have a rustic, warm and cozy style in mind, this species is meant for you.

  • Species

  • Grade

  • Colour

    Available in many colours
  • Hardness

    1,320 lbf
  • Available features

    Finish Texture
  • Sizes

    Available widths

    2¼ in 3¼ in 4¼ in 5¼ in
  • Colour Family

    Grey-brown White Grey Dark brown Dark Beige Sand Creamy brown Light brown

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Interested in this species? Go on with your research, and follow the steps recommended by Planchers Économiques to choose your future flooring grade, width and colour.

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